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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho 0.24.0 re-staged

Closer ... but ...

What I have learned so far:

I've tried the new 0.24.0 staged version, and it still fails for our Platform build. But for a different reason. So, I guess that means it is getting past the executable feature version problem. :)

The failure point now may have "worked before, by coincidence". Or, it might be the change in behavior was "just a coincidence" of using a different version of JGit?  

We fail now at certain points due to "Working tree is dirty". We do, if not obvious, set jgit.dirtyWorkingTree=error in our production builds.

I have written more details in
Bug 480588- test and move to Tycho 0.24

I may have missed it in release notes, but is it an intentional change in behavior? Or, just that JGit is working better? (That is, a side effect of
Bug 472455- update JGit to 4.0.1)
Even if deemed an "acceptable side-effect", you might want to mention it in release notes?

Thanks for any quick insight. I will work on testing with more stuff added to ".gitignore" files and try to confirm that then we can build as before (but, this may take a day or two more).


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Date:        10/27/2015 10:20 AM
Subject:        [tycho-dev] tycho 0.24.0 re-staged
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Tycho 0.24.0 has been re-staged with a corner case of bug [1] fixed.
The additional fix should only be relevant for the eclipse platform build itself.

The new stage URL is

and the old stage URL is gone.
If you used the previous staged version and want to try out the new staged version,
it is recommended to remove all files under




On 23/10/15 15:02, "tycho-user-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Sievers, Jan" <tycho-user-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of jan.sievers@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>Tycho milestone release 0.24.0 has been staged. For details of new features and bugfixes, see release notes [1].
>Please help by testing the staged milestone build.
>To use it, change your tycho version to 0.24.0 and add snippet [2] to your ~/.m2/settings.xml or pom.xml.
>We plan to promote this release in one week unless major regressions are found.
>Tycho team
> <pluginRepository>
>  <id>tycho-staged</id>
>  <url></url>
> </pluginRepository>
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