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[tycho-dev] multimodule projects and bundle cannot be resolved

Dear Tycho developers,

Thanks for the work done in making eclipse project managing in a maven way.


I have posted a question on user mailing list but perhaps is it more directed to developer?

It seems that Tycho Configurator is not (anymore?) able to manage modules dependencies.


Use case:


I have a multimodule Tycho project and I would like to be able to open individually module in Eclipse.


It is well configured.  I am able to do a “mvn clean install” on the root, or individual modules and to generate the product.

If I open all modules in Eclipse workspace, I have no error.



When I open only one submodule in eclipse with m2e and Tycho configurator, Eclipse gives me an error in the MANIFEST.

“Bundle X cannot be resolved.”


Could you please tell me how to be able to open a simple module without opening all modules of my projects (greater than 100!)


When I right click on my module on Eclipse, and I choose Properties>Maven>LifeCycle mapping


All Tycho plugin are set to ignore?!

How can switch at least Tycho-compiler-plugin:compile to execute ?


As you can see in this screenshot:



Thanks again for your help.


Francois, from France

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