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[tycho-dev] Errors when cleaning all Tycho projects using m2e



when I am cloning the tycho (and tycho extra) git repos into an empty workspace, or afterwards every time I clean all the projects within the tycho workspace (using m2e), some projects do have the issue mentioned in [1] (Execution default-descriptor of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:….The source must not be a directory)

Unsing the context menu action „Maven->Update Project“ does not solve the issue. Doing a whitespace change within the pom files works, the project gets rebuild without any errors.

Does someone of you know another workaround or do we have still issues as mentioned in [1], that the <type> tag is missing?


Background: I am working on the Oomph installer for Tycho/Tycho Extras and there it’s not realy nice if contributers have to do change pom files to get a error-free Tycgi development environment.


Any ideas?






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