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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho 0.23.0 staged

I don't mean to be a squeaky wheel ... well, maybe  a little ... but, today is "one week", right?
Still planning to release today? (Or, am I jumping the gun, and just have to patient and wait until 12:08 PM :)

I am asking, simply, since we in the Platform have already "produced our last scheduled build" for Mars ...
but, if you release today, I would like to build once more, with official released version ... just for for releng hygiene.


From:        "Sievers, Jan" <jan.sievers@xxxxxxx>
To:        "Tycho user list (tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx)" <tycho-user@xxxxxxxxxxx>,
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Date:        05/28/2015 12:08 PM
Subject:        [tycho-dev] Tycho 0.23.0 staged
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Tycho milestone release 0.23.0 has been staged.

For details of new features and bugfixes, see release notes [1].
Please help by testing the staged milestone build. To use it, change your tycho version to 0.23.0 and add snippet [2] to your pom.

NOTE: if you build products for MacOSX against p2 repositories older than eclipse Mars, there is a known bug [3]

We plan to promote this release in one week unless major regressions are found.

Tycho team



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