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Re: [tycho-dev] Working on a software artifact repository

Oberlies, Tobias <tobias.oberlies@...> writes:

> > I just wanted to check if there is interest in an open source (EPL),
> > software artifact repository. The idea is not new, but we wanted to 
> > some piece of software which can receive OSGi bundles and Eclipse
> > features from a Maven Tycho build and push it into some sort of
> > repository, consuming it later on as a P2 repository.
> You know that p2 repositories don't scale to sizes far beyond what is 
used today, i.e. one Eclipse release
> train. Creating a "Maven central" for p2 has been tried by a team of 
Maven and p2 experts, and the approach
> failed. You seem to be trying to do something similar.
> This is why we came up with the solution of having the repository manager 
only serve fixed sets artifacts as
> p2 repositories. This is done with Nexus OSS (i.e. the open-source Nexus) 
and the (open-source) Tycho
> unzip plugin. The "groups of artifacts" are produced by Tycho's eclipse-
repository packaging type. At
> the moment, the implementation is pretty dumb. Currently, it deploys 
artifacts redundantly, but this
> could be fixed.
> So in summary, we would only be interested if you are planning to extend 
Tycho and the Tycho Unzip Plugin.
> Regards
> Tobias


I found this tool last week and gave it a try. It seems to fill exactly the 
gap in my CI tool chain.

I have two main problems in my current jenkins CI setup:

1. Dependencies for downstream projects need to be copied into the next job 
or need to be uploaded into an http server dir. Some selfmade tools need to 
clean up the server from time to time. Nexus Unzip is not very helpfull 
because it is (maybe was) too buggy and not every build creates a 
deployable p2 repository.

2. Bringing third party libs (mostly from maven central) into the tycho 
build is not as easy as it should be. Especially for artifacts that have 
already OSGi metadata.

Both requirements are covered by package drone quite well. It should not 
cover the whole maven central but with some clicks I could import any 
library into a project specific third party p2 repository (including a self 
generating feature).

Conclusion: I would recommend every tycho user to have a look at package 
drone or just watch the demo on youtube:
v=kUJ5SWfAuxU (the current version has some more features)

Best regards,

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