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[tycho-dev] Help getting a new version of p2 in tycho 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT


In the context of the work to fix the layout of Eclipse applications on the mac (, changes have been made to various pieces of p2 (publisher, fwk admin, etc.). In order for those changes to be useful to the rest of the ecosystem, they need to be consumed by Tycho since Tycho embeds a copy of p2.

I'm therefore contacting you, tycho committers, to give you a heads up that in the coming days, I will need your help to publish a new Tycho build of 0.23.0-SNAPSHOT that will include the new p2 code changes . As far as I can tell it should not be more than consuming a new p2 build and push the build button, so I just need to know of someone who will be able to push the build. If you are willing to help, could you please reply to this email so I know I can count on you.



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