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Re: [tycho-dev] Cleanup fails on Hudson after Job got aborted

if you kill the build process forcefully, there might be orphaned (test) child processes which still own locks on files in the workspace.

In the case of ITs, they would normally exit after some time when the test is finished and the locks are released.

I wiped the workspace now (you can do that in the hudson UI).

Try retriggering your gerrit voter job


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Subject: [tycho-dev] Cleanup fails on Hudson after Job got aborted


while the ITs had been executed, I changed the commit message in Gerrit which aborted the running build and retriggered it. Now the build fails because Hudson cannot clean up the Tycho-its/target directory [1]. 

Is there a way to clean up the target folder manually?

[1] https://hudson.eclipse.org/tycho/job/tycho-gerrit/1002/console