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[tycho-dev] Help testing with a local version of p2


In the context of bug 431116 (fixing the Mac layout), I'm trying to test tycho with a locally built version of p2 and I'm running into difficulties. Like instructed on the wiki ( I've built p2 locally setting a build qualifier with today's date (to be sure that it is higher than the versions found in my local repo), then I rebuilt tycho and I can see that my locally built p2 bundles are picked up.

Unfortunately, when I debug a maven build using this patched version of Tycho, I can see that the wrong version of the p2 bundles are being used (the source code does not align). The changes I have done are in the publisher bundles.

How could I see which p2 bundles are being used by Tycho, more specifically by the PublishProductMojo? Where are they coming from?

Thanks in advance,


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