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Re: [tycho-dev] A Mojo to validate version consistency

On 5 Feb 2015, at 19:18, Mickael Istria wrote:

On 02/05/2015 06:26 PM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:

Hi Mickael,


So just to make sure I understand your setup correctly: You check your master build for âwrongâ versions, with the maintenance stream being the baseline. Correct?


If yes, assume the following scenario: master and maintenance stream produce artifacts with the same version and content, so the master version is not âwrongâ. Now the maintenance version is incremented. However this entails that building the same sources in master would now fail. This doesnât seem desired, or is it?

In the case of JBoss Tools, I believe we prefer it to fail in that case, as we don't want master to have "older" things than maintenance. If something is changed on maintenance, we assume master must have it as well.

Do you have examples of projects that would want their master to be "older" than maintenance?

To be clear the builds wont start failing before releases have been published to the baseline urls.

Thus I would argue that if you release a version on maintenance branch with a higher version then your master should not be building new bits with older versions in the normal case.

Of course if you are debugging some issue in a older tag/branch then you would like the build to succeed but that would then be case where you manually override the check.

If that is annoying then one could just add this check in the CI build to get it to fail if you've forgotten to bump the version.

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