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[tycho-dev] Working on a software artifact repository


I just wanted to check if there is interest in an open source (EPL),
software artifact repository. The idea is not new, but we wanted to have
some piece of software which can receive OSGi bundles and Eclipse
features from a Maven Tycho build and push it into some sort of
repository, consuming it later on as a P2 repository.

Now I know that Nexus can do this already in the Pro version, and in
some sort using the the "Unzip" plugin. However I would prefer to have a
more open and more focused approach.

In addition we were looking for the same tool, just for ".deb" and
".rpm" files, in order to create APT and YUM repositories. Again with
artifacts deployed from a Maven build.

So I started to work on "package drone" [1], which some do will
hopefully do all this and even more ;-)

If you have ideas, comments, etc, please let me know.

And if you are on the Demo camp in Munich this week, I would like to
hear your ideas!




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