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Re: [tycho-dev] [platform-releng-dev] Maven new smart builder

Tycho is not thread-safe for parallel builds right now

as far as I understand what Jason implemented is an alternative scheduler for parallel maven builds (as opposed to the parallel build scheduler that comes with maven).
So we are talking about an optimization which takes parallel build as a baseline, trying to be more efficient in terms of scheduling/minimizing thread idle time.

I think there is considerable homework on the Tycho side to be done before we can start thinking about having an alternative (more aggressive) scheduler for parallel build.
Also, out of the box the local maven repo implementation in maven is still not thread-safe/multi-process safe (need to use another thread-safe replacement which I think Jason did)

While I don't want to discourage anyone here, parallel builds are an important feature, I just want to set expectations right.

Best Regards,

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Subject: [platform-releng-dev] Maven new smart builder

FYI Jason released a new smart builder for Maven which is supposed to speed up the build process.
Via twitter he said if we find bugs in it for Tycho, he would be happy to fix them.
Unfortunately I'm currently very busy, but maybe someone on this list would like to test it? Faster builds would be awesome.
Best regards,  Lars

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