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[tycho-dev] Mac OS X .app product packaging documentation removed

Hi contributors,


FYI: While working on the documentation, I have removed the AFAIK incomplete documentation on the Mac OS X .app product packaging from the Packaging Types wiki page. The documentation was:



Creating Mac OS X .app bundles


Starting from Tycho 0.18 you can create Mac OS X .app bundles by specifying a rootFolder in the director configuration which ends with <tt>.app</tt>. Tycho will then automatically properly format the product.



From what I’ve heard, it isn’t as easy as that. So this feature remains experimental, and the documentation shouldn’t imply full support for this feature.


So, if anyone of you has got this working and wants to share this knowledge, I’d propose to go for a blog first (which obviously could be linked from the documentation). If the approach described in the blog shows to be working for several users, we could consider adding it to the official documentation later.


See you at EclipseCon in less than two weeks!



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