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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho 0.20.0 milestone release

>Second, our M6 +0 day is March 7 so we'd need a "released" version by March 3rd or so, to use for our M6. Sounds like that would be too large a change in schedule to 
>request? So we in Platform will drop back to 0.19.0 for our M6 milestone ... just because its better to provide milestones with released versions of Tycho (or any pre-
>req or tool). 

There are other outstanding bugs on our list for 0.20.0 [1] so I don't think we can move the release date from March 14 to to March 3 [2].

>Third, as I understand it, one of the gating factors was to get/use Kepler SR2 as the "base" of this release (to pick up some fixes in p2) ... so ... in that vein, 
>guess you'd heard that p2 is asking for an SR2 respin, to fix 
>bug 428575 [1]. So, hoping you can review/get/incorporate that fix in case you think it may effect Tycho 0.20.0. Hopefully make it better? (But, may be be irrelevant?) 

thanks for notifying. Not sure if tycho is affected but we'll keep an eye on this one. If there is a respin of SR2, we'll use that.



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