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Re: [tycho-dev] Eclipse Document Bundle Mojo

I think you meant


On 12/20/2013, 7:11, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Hi Jens,

IMHO, this plug-in would be a valuable add-on for Tycho. We have a
separate Git repository for these kind of "Extras":  There is no
explicit documentation, but the setup is similar to the main
repository (see )

The next step should be to open an enhancement request in Bugzilla to
track the contribution.

Looking forward to the contribution :-) Tobias

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due to the lack of any "out of box" solution I started working on a
"document bundle mojo" for Eclipse Doc Bundle projects for use in the
Eclipse SCADA project. But I think this should be a more generic
solutions and would fit into the Tycho project.

The idea is to create javadoc, toc files and anything else that belongs
into a doc bundle with the fewest steps possible.

The doc-bundle mojo is currently in the Eclipse SCADA Releng repository [1]

and can create rudimentary javadoc documents based on a reference to one
ore more features+plugins (Tycho: eclipse-feature, eclipse-plugin). The
idea for the javadoc goal is that the pom based dependencies of the
bundle make up the javadoc that is generated. A real life example is in
on of our doc bundles: [2]

I know that the javadoc options are pretty limited right now (compared
to maven-javadoc and ant), but the presence of the "additionalArguments"
parameter should compensate a little bit

A lot of features that one would want to have from such a mojo are still
missing, I know that. But on the other way I think that this module does
not belong into the Eclipse SCADA releng repository, since I think that
other projects can benefit from such a module as well.

The most interesting feature that is missing at the moment is (imho) the
ability to automatically link different javadocs directories with each
other using the Eclipse help system. Manually linking works, but I would
like to see the package-list somehow published and re-used by another
doc bundle. Or maybe the Eclipse Help system has a way to do this?!

Just let me know it there is interest out there to bring this module
into a new home.




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