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Re: [tycho-dev] An Hudson Instance for Tycho + Sonar analysis?

The current build jobs work for me and I spent quite some time to get them to the current state.

Frankly, moving build jobs around manually and working on patching them until they work again as they did before is not on the top of my prio list.


Any links to what "HIPP" is and why we should move our builds there?





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To: Tycho developers list
Subject: [tycho-dev] An Hudson Instance for Tycho + Sonar analysis?


Hi all,

What would you think of leveraging "HIPP" and get a dedicated hudson server for Tycho? It would make it easier to find and document the various Tycho jobs.
The following jobs should be move in such an instance:
* From Hudson-Sandbox
** tycho.extras-gerrit
** tycho-gerrit
* From Hudson
** tycho-nightly
** tycho-its-win-nightly
** tycho-its-linux-nightly
Then, I could also create some tycho-sonar, tycho.extras-sonar and jobs that would run Findbugs, Checkstyle and Sonar checks in order to find some potential bugs or performance issues, and also set up unit-test coverage reports.

In order to do so, one just needs to open a bug, and a project lead needs to add a +1 to this bug.
Should I go for opening the bug?


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