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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho p2 repository origin filtering support

I can't change the target definition. I have multiple repositories, including different integration build p2 repositories. To be more specific about my use case - I want to validate compiled bundles which are actually used in the running build. I have a criteria, which each artifact from A should meet in. If by any chance an artifact from A which is actually used in the running build does not meet my criteria, the build should fail.

Best regards,
Maciej Bendkowski

From:        Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        2013-08-14 15:56
Subject:        Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho p2 repository origin filtering support
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I am not sure I understand the usecase. To continue your example, why
not change target platform definition to only include repository A?


On 2013-08-14 5:51 PM, Maciej contractor Bendkowski wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a project with multiple p2 repositories as my target definition.
> I'd like to create a maven plugin which would require to know the p2
> repository origins from my target platform, e. g. if I'm using a
> particular p2 repository A, I'd like to filter my project dependency
> tree and get all dependencies fetched from the p2 repository A. Tycho
> resolves dependencies in order to create the dependency tree, however
> AFAIK it does not store the information from where the particular
> dependencies were taken from. I'd like to fore using a clean install by
> default and get the artifact origins using Tycho. Is it possible to
> accomplish this goal? If yes, could you please help me out?
> Best regards,
> Maciej Bendkowski
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