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[tycho-dev] Mac Bundle

Hey gang, I just joined this list. Since we rely pretty heavily on Tycho, I need to get more involved.

I'm trying to build our IDE as a Mac bundle and am having trouble. Is it properly supported in 0.16? I'm following Pascal's instructions here but am guessing at the details:

And I'm using eclipserun to call the director directly since I also want to build win32 and linux in the normal way.

I'm using the repository created with tycho-p2-repository-plugin in target/repository but it appears to miss the *.executable.cocoa.macosx.x86-bundled dependency. Funny though because I can see it in the p2content.xml file in the target directory, just not in the repo.

We are doing something weird staying with 32-bit x86 if that matters.

BTW, would be great to have this better documented with examples. I can contribute that once I get it working.

For reference, here's some of my pom:







        -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.director \

        -repository file://${}/repository \

-installIU \

-destination ${}/products/ \

-profile DefaultProfile \

-p2.os macosx \ cocoa \

-p2.arch x86 \













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