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[tycho-dev] Plans for hooking into tycho lifecycle?

Hi tycho-dev-list,


my team and me, we are currently trying to switch our “Buckminster driven RCP build” to tycho (0.16.0).

tycho seems to be the far better (more efficient) tool for RCP builds, especially when having lots of products with mostly same features/plugins.

Great work so far! Thank you very much!


The only thing currently being a hurdle for us is a missing possibility to hook into the lifecycle of a tycho build and to provide additional steps in a custom maven plugin.

In Buckminster there were some extension points to be able to provide custom types of build steps/artifacts, etc.


Are there plans for such a functionality? For example: What about an interface for plexus components that could contribute to the default lifecycle mapping (as maven does with its AbstractMavenLifecycleParticipant) ?

Maybe I am missing something, but I could not find a solution without using mavens “lib/ext”-folder or changing the components.xml of tycho-maven-plugin and then recompiling…

Both solutions are not easily maintainable/deployable. I personally don’t like such dirty hacks.


In our case it is necessary for us to do some changes on the p2 repo before it is zipped (so assumingly between “assemble-repository” and “archive-repository” goals). And there are some other steps that need to be included as well.

Any ideas/plans?


Thanks in advance,


Roland Oldenburg


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