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[tycho-dev] Resolving Surefire Eclipse Installation wrongly uses all environments

Hi all,

Another pull request, I hope you can take a look at:

I have a tycho-surefire test that fails because one of the dependencies it -org.eclipse.jdt.launching.macosx - has a platform filter - (osgi.os=macosx).

As far as I can see, the test fails as the Eclipse Installation used by tycho-surefire is resolved using all the defined environments in the target-platform-configuration.environments - just like the "normal" compile environment - and not just the environment of the running platform, which I would have expected. If I temporarily removes the defined environments from the target-platform-configuration, then everything works.

Looking at the sources, I can see TestMojo (indirectly) uses P2TargetPlatformResolver.doResolvePlatform which unconditionally sets the current environment as set in target-platform-configuration before resolving the project with P2Resolved.

This patch introduces an addition to DependencyResolverConfiguration: getEnvironments(). This method is then overriden in TestMojo to just return the current executing environment.


Tonny Madsen

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