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Re: [tycho-dev] 0.16.0 milestone release schedule

Why kepler m2? what exact fixes do you need from this version?


On 12-10-05 11:24 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
Tobias could you include and make sure the
eclipse compiler (Kepler M2) is shipped?


On Fri, 5 Oct 2012 10:01:06 +0000, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:

Hi Igor,

Jan and I are giving a Tycho tutorial at EclipseCon Europe. For this, we
would like to be able to use a released version. Therefore we'd like to
propose the following approximate schedule for 0.16.0:

* Stage at the end of next week (2012/10/12)
* Release one week later, provided we fixed all major regressions

We updated the target milestones to reflect what we plan to fix for
0.16.0 [1].

Is this okay with you? Do you also have things you want to fix before the

Best regards
Tobias & Jan


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