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[tycho-dev] Beanshell & Groovy (was Re: Get contributions into 0.16)

On 10/05/2012 01:24 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:

* Support source
feature label. This is currently reviewed as -1 by Igor simply because I
used Groovy instead of BeanShell to test plugin. The suggested Groovy
script is way more powerful and verifies more stuff than what previous
BeanShell one did. It's simply better quality. Source features are
widely used, and I'd like to discuss whether a -1 for using Groovy
instead of BeanShell is really fair.

The issue here is long term maintenance of the code. Using beanshell in
some cases and groovy in others introduces technical debt, and even
though this particular case may seem minor and even unfair, unmanaged
technical dept tends to accumulate pretty fast.

Since BeanShell is a subset of Java, and Groovy is a super-set of Java, it makes BeanShell a subset of Groovy, and renaming *.bsh to *.groovy would work.
Also, I don't understand your argument about technical debt. Why using a new language introduce some technical debt?
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