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Re: [tycho-dev] localrepo/repository.xml file

Hmm, could be OBR, I guess. Will ask felix devs to see if they know
anything about it.


On 12-09-03 7:04 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Are you sure this is done by Tycho? It doesn't seem to be touched by recent versions (i.e. the ones I have been using on my PC). My repository.xml starts with a pretty old timestamp:

<repository lastmodified='20111108023012.865'>
   <resource id='org.apache.maven.doxia.ide.dependencies/1.0.0.SNAPSHOT' symbolicname='org.apache.maven.doxia.ide.dependencies' presentationname='Doxia Tools :: Eclipse IDE - Dependencies as Bundle' uri='org/apache/maven/doxia/ide/dependencies/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/dependencies-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar' version='1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'>
     <description>Make an OSGi bundle of the required non-OSGi components</description>
     <capability name='bundle'>
       <p n='symbolicname' v='org.apache.maven.doxia.ide.dependencies'/>
       <p n='presentationname' v='Doxia Tools :: Eclipse IDE - Dependencies as Bundle'/>
       <p n='version' t='version' v='1.0.0.SNAPSHOT'/>
       <p n='manifestversion' v='2'/>
     <capability name='package'>
       <p n='package' v='org.apache.maven.doxia.markup'/>
       <p n='version' t='version' v='0.0.0'/>


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Looks like Tycho creates repository.xml file in the root of maven
local repository. Does anyone know what code does that? We need to move
the file to .meta/tycho folder to avoid conflicts with other tools
that use local repo.

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