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Re: [tycho-dev] Long path names in Tycho integration test execution

The tests that I "touched" in that commit actually made (or still make?)
specific assumptions about structure of target/ folder. Ideally all
tests should calculate all paths as subdirectories of project basedir.

I really like ability to see all (or almost all) test logs. Helps
troubleshooting test failures, if you know what I mean ;-)

Adding parameter to getVerifier is unlikely to solve the problem. I will
ask for per-test-method project basedir as a matter of course for the
tests I write, this will break on windows in some/many cases, and we'll
have to negotiate each test. Not fun.

How about getVerifier will behave differently on windows and other
operating systems? You get shorter names on windows and I get all test
logs on Linux and OSX. This should work as long as all tests only look
under project basedir, which they should regardless.

I also remember that at least some windows flavours supported 32K long
names. Is there no way to use this from Java? I mean, it's 2012 if my
linux calendar is to trust, restricting names to <300 is kinda odd :-)


On 12-08-24 7:02 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
I’m running the Tycho integration test (for qualification of my own
commits) on my development PC, which is running Windows. I’m seeing
problems with long path names, and I’ve identified removing the “<class
name>/<method name>/” in the path generated by getVerifier as a
candidate for addressing this problem.
@Igor: You explicitly introduced the “<class name>/<method name>/” in
commit _943d074359265c050e5da6aec1d18cd75cd07c51_
Do you remember which tests need this change?
In the same change, you touched the tests
RecoveryAfterCorruptArtifactDownloadsTest and
TargetRestrictionThroughTargetFilesTest and both use the same test
project twice, but the former does this in the same test method, so
there is no gain.
How about adding an extra parameter to getVerifier instead that allows
to insert something in the path in the target folder instead?

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