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[tycho-dev] property to control usage of locally installed artifacts


take a look at my new patchset 
which provides access to reactor-global properties from CLI and settings.xml only.

Regarding the general point that the user may want control about usage of locally installed SNAPSHOTS/releases separate from the rest of the local repo:

This is not possible as of maven 3.0.x and I agree support for this should be in maven core.

IIRC tesla tried to adress this with the "split local repo" (local snapshots, local releases, remote snapshots, remote releases in different root folders) .
As a user I simply don't want to pay the price of deleting my whole local repo/using a temp one every time just to make sure I'm only using remote artifacts.
With p2 and Import-Package, the problem is augmented with a higher probability to inadvertently use a locally installed artifact providing the package instead of a remote one. We have various reports of users which complain about the "builds on my PC" effect this causes as they keep working on the same local repo with "mvn clean install" all the time and aggregate lots of locally installed p2 artifacts that may go into any tycho build on their local machine.

So IMHO as long as maven core does not allow to control the usage of locally installed artifacts, we can provide a workaround in tycho.


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