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Re: [tycho-dev] Improved dependency management in RCP/Tycho - (request for comments)

Without creating something that referenceable from a target definition, no. But I believe you're duplicating much of what already exists. 

In m2e for example it's already part of the target platform while developing so the wrapper bundle works great there (we install juno and install m2e and we have our target platform). The wrapper bundles have the distinct advantage of being able to run/debug projects you are working on from within the Eclipse workspace. The work we did creates a bridge between the Maven world and the Eclipse world through m2e (and the work done in PDE, the maven bundle plugin and m2e). I can work on Maven as a wrapper bundle with m2e seamlessly in the workspace. Our use case is a little different with m2e as working across the entire set of dependencies is important. Unfortunately Tycho/Maven just works entirely differently than PDE. I understand what you're trying to do where statically importing the Maven dependencies as part of the target definition is workable for you but seems not that much different than what's been done aside from making it referenceable from a target definition. 

Maybe there is a way you can augment what already exists by creating something using the wrapper bundle method that would allow it to be referenced in a target platform definition?
On Aug 20, 2012, at 3:52 PM, Tom Bujok wrote:


Thanks for your reply.   AFAIK  it will not work in this use-case:
- create a tycho RCP project
- declare a Maven dependency in pom.xml (with pomDependencies set to consider) 
- import project to Eclipse IDE (with m2Eclipse)

Or am I wrong?


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