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Re: [tycho-dev] From DependencyArtifacts to IU

p2 runs inside embedded equinox runtime and all p2 classes live in a
separate classloader not visible from maven plugins. Couple of ways to
avoid reflection in your case

Short term, you may be able to contribute new bundles to the embedded
equinox runtime from your maven plugin and have set of 'bridge'
interfaces visible both to your plugin and to your new bundle. I have
not tried this myself, so this may require some fixes to tycho or may
not be possible at all.

Long term, somebody ;-) told me that p2 does not really need to run
inside equinox runtime and can run in a standalone java app. I will
certainly be in faviour of a patch that will allow such use of p2 from


On 12-08-14 8:43 AM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

From a mojo of my own, I'm using the TargetPlatformResolver
successfully to resolve some stuffs (using the resolveDependencies
method). Now I need to do some post processing on the IUs that are
part of the result. I'm currently accessing those by doing
ArtifactDescriptor#getInstallableUnits()  but I find the usage of
reflection to get access to the IInstallableUnit methods to be rather
annoying. Do you know a way to have access to the IIU class?  I'm
sure I'm missing something but can't quite see what :)


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