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Re: [tycho-dev] Running a custom application for tests

On 12-07-05 5:16 AM, Gunnar Wagenknecht wrote:
Am 05.07.2012 10:17, schrieb Sievers, Jan:
can't this also be achieved with a suite-wide setup/teardown?

It could be (as long as there is some access to a BundleContext
somewhere). However, this requires all of our consumers to implement a
specific setup/teardown process on their own. They also need to maintain
it themselves.

Thus, we use the "application" approach supported when running JUnit
Plug-In tests in Eclipse. Similar to what SWTBot does for their
consumers. This is a simple setting they need to set and we maintain the
code and process. Thus, I was wondering if Tycho also wants to support
this. Igor implemented this for SWTBot already in the UI test
application. However, that doesn't work for us because we don't have any
UI bundles in our target platform.

I think SWTBot support is quite different. It requires execution of the
tests on a specific thread, which is not possible to control from the
tests themselves. In your case you are basically looking for a more
elaborate setUp/tearDown procedure. This can be implemented in an
abstract test class, provided/maintained by you and extended by your
consumers or some helper, like we have to start/stop test jetty instance
in tycho and m2e tests.

Having said that, I think it is probably okay to make test application
configurable. I have not decided if we need an integration test for
this. Any thoughts in this regards?


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