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Re: [tycho-dev] [technology-pmc] Release Reviews

The project metadata lists several "releases". Release has a pretty specific meaning at Eclipse. Can you either remove the entries, or rename them as milestones (e.g. 0.15.0M0)?


On 06/19/2012 09:01 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
@Wayne: After the discussion we had about milestones vs. releases in Tycho, I added a note that all Tycho versions are milestones according to the Eclipse nomenclature:

I'd agree to a release review for the next Tycho version (0.16.0). As Jan already stated, this is the first non-milestone release that is possible, because some of Tycho's initial contribution CQs were finally approved last week.

IMHO, graduation is a different topic, and just like Igor I have my doubts that we'll be ready by the end of Kepler.


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These are builds we publish for community testing and I am trying to
call them as such -- "tycho builds" [1]. We do sometime call these
builds "release builds", but this is a reference to terminology used in
Maven versioning scheme and has nothing to do with "releases" in
sense of the word. These builds serve the same purpose as S builds of
other Eclipse projects and I believe we actually do what everybody else

As for releasing Tycho with Kepler, I see at least two problems

First, and foremost, Tycho is not quite ready for "1.0" just yet. We
still evolving Tycho-specific pom.xml configuration format, which and
Tycho extensions API is simply not there. We may or may not have this
ready for Kepler, but I am not comfortable committing to this.

Second, I honestly don't see any advantages for Tycho to "join the
train". Tycho can't be part of the release repository and I don't want
to link Tycho release schedule with 200 or so other projects just for
the sake of it.



On 12-06-18 3:57 PM, Wayne Beaton wrote:
Resending after subscribing to tycho-dev.

Eclipse projects are required to engage in community reviews before
making a release.

AFAICT, there are six releases of Tycho that should have been
accompanied by release reviews. Any time the major or minor version
numbers change, a review is required (changes in the service number,
i.e. a service release) do not require a review.

I do recall prior conversation in which the nature of releasing in
context of Tycho was discussed. I understand that a new version
is required for each milestone due to the nature of dissemination
through Maven. This isn't what I'm concerned about.

Tycho appears to be putting out a minor release about every four
Each of these releases must be accompanied by a release review.
nothing that we can do about the past. Moving forward, however, Tycho
will have to engage in release reviews like everybody else.

If you need assistance with this, please work with the project
I would very much like to see Tycho graduate and join Kepler.

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
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