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[tycho-dev] Modifying dependency resolution for p2 director plugin

Title: Modifying dependency resolution for p2 director plugin

Hi all,

I have implemented so that we can install root level features into our products during the build, the basic idea of the change being that you can specify additional iu’s and repo’s in the pom and the director will install them into the product at build time. There is also a flag to reference all of the repo’s listed in the target definition file so that you would not need to list out those repo’s for a second time. However, we have started to see errors due to the length of the command when the director runs as we just add all of the repo’s as a comma separated list to the director call.  Is there a way to resolve these additional dependencies against the target platform as would normally be done if they were listed in the product rather than listing out all of the target platform repo’s in the director call?



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