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[tycho-dev] tycho-compiler-plugin - working with outputjars doesn't compile to

Hi all,

We have some problems building a feature with bundles that contains outputjars in the file because tycho-compiler-plugin compiles to: jarName + "-classes".

Our problems came when trying to execute Sonar because sonar (and all others) is looking for the value of variable I'm wondering if the problem is when we execute maven in two different steps. 
  1. maven install 
  2. maven sonar:sonar (in another jenkins/hudson job for example)
But, also with one step, if tycho sets the to the outputjar folder, What will be the variable value with multiple outputjars?

I attached a possible patch, that works for me. I'm working with tycho 0.14.x

Rgds, Juan.

Attachment: working-with-outputjars.patch
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