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[tycho-dev] tycho-p2-repository-plugin: file name of zipped repo (Bug 347416)


I started working on a patch for Bug 347416 and after some analysis
came to a rather simple solution. Because this is my first attempt
for a contribution to Tycho, I wanted to discuss it before spending
more time.

The wanted feature is that the file name of the zipped repo can be
configured. Reading the comments, the main issue seems to be that
the version of the artifact is not part of the file name as it
normally is for maven artifacts.

Right now, the file name is: ${artifactId}.zip

My proposed solution is to add a parameter finalName and use if for the
file name (${finalName}.zip). This is IMO in line with other similar
cases in the tycho-packaging-plugin.

Does this sound like a good or rather like a dumb idea to you?

What needs to be done except for the change in the mojo and possibly
some fixes/additions in/to test classes?


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