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Re: [tycho-dev] Fwd: [Bug 371680] incomplete p2 metadata for projects with RELEASE version

I think the staging tests for 0.14.0 were as thorough as we could make them for a staging period of one week (CDT, jboss tools, sigasi reported no regressions).

Unfortunately we missed , probably because everyone tested with  -SNAPSHOT versions
and nobody tested a release scenario.

To summarize, tycho 0.14.0 will work just fine as long as you develop, but when you try to release, the build produces different/incomplete metadata (and you may notice too late after you released already). AFAICT there is no workaround, so basically I can't release a project when using tycho 0.14.0.

>From my point of view this justifies a 0.14.1 patch release.

For now I don't see other regressions in 0.14.0 worth downporting a fix.


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Lets wait another week or two to give users the chance to actually test
0.14 (I doubt many have tried 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT, to be honest). Then we
can decide if we need 0.14.1 and what changes we need to backport from 0.15.


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As far as I understand this problem, this is a pretty severe problem and 
lead to problems in many projects once they try to release with 0.14.0. It
seems that we should release an 0.14.1 with a back-port of this fix.

@Igor: What's your opinion on this (given that we do the release)?

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