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Re: [tycho-dev] I've added 0.15.0 version and milestone to bugzilla <eom>

I am not sure. My guess many of Tycho users (and developers ;-) ) will
be traveling to EclipseCon and will not have much time to thoroughly
test 0.15. This may be fine for a smaller bugfixing release, but not if
we add anything major.

Also, in order to release Tycho essentially on +5 schedule, we need to
consume I-builds of Equinox, P2 and JDT during entire iteration. This is
relatively easy to do for P2 but not for Equinox and JDT. We need to
deal with this problem somehow first before we can commit to an
aggressive schedule like this.


On 12-02-17 7:51 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:

I've also added a release notes page in the Wiki and a tentative date for the 0.15.0 release on

Did we discuss this date yet? If not I'd like to propose the following schedule:
Stage Tycho 0.15.0 with Juno M6 +1 (19.03.) and release at the end of that week (23.03.), just before EclipseCon - obviously given that we don't have any blocker bugs.

This could also be a general schedule for future releases. AFAIK p2 also releases on +0 (with the Platform), so staging on +1 would yield the shortest delays in case we need something from p2 (give that we only want to use milestone releases of p2).

What do you think?


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