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Re: [tycho-dev] Documentation

Tycho project documentation page [1] provides links to available
documentation. Beyond that, you can always look at Tycho sources [2].

Also, do not forget that Tycho is an opensource project and improving
Tycho documentation is one way you can contribute (hint: anyone with
bugzilla account can edit Eclipse Wiki).



On 12-02-15 5:25 PM, James Blackburn wrote:
Hi All,

I'm struggling to find documentation for features I've discovered in Tycho:


The Tycho documentation index:
doesn't point at any documentation.  You can get some docs via the
Tycho category:
But AFAICS there's no mention of the versions-plugin.

The eclipse-update-site type is marked as deprecated on:
but, interestingly, this type was generated automatically for me by
`mvn org.eclipse.tycho:tycho-pomgenerator-plugin:generate-poms
-DgroupId=...` (using tycho 0.14.0).

I only knew about the versions plugin because I saw a post on the
Linux tools mailing list, and it seems other people have been stuck
for a while looking for an answer to this too:

As a new Tycho user, it's pretty touch figuring out what's available
without any documentation.  Am I looking in the wrong place, and are
these Tycho features documented elsewhere?  I've googled, but that's
pretty bare as well...  I'm afraid there's lots I'm missing, simply
because features aren't mentioned on the wiki.

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