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Re: [tycho-dev] Tycho surefire test output

Here's a link to the enhancement  request:
I have some initial questions about the expected log structure - I added them in the report so we can discuss them there. I'm working on the change and will attach it when it's ready.
Glad you liked the idea. 

On Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 4:14 PM, Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, please open an enhancement request in Tycho bugzilla and attach
your proposed changes there.


On 11-11-29 9:55 AM, Katya Todorova wrote:
Hi guys,
I'm having difficulties with troubleshooting test failures due to
classloading problems when using tycho surefire plugin.  From what I've
seen, the process of running tests involves multiple mechanisms for
identifying plugin
dependencies  - maven, p2, equinox, etc. In the end it's not trivial to
guess the actual OSGi environment the failing test is run in so the only
way to find out what's wrong is to reproduce the problem.
With a dynamic environment as equinox  some classes of problems
(unexpected wiring between bundles, missing service dependencies, etc)
are not reproducible in all the cases. On the other hand reproducing
test failure may
take relatively long time (especially when trying to reproduce/debug the
problem in a different environment than it initially occurs).
Instead of reproducing the problem, an offline analysis of the logs
could easily help in troubleshooting issues like the mentioned above.
Currently tycho log contains some of the required information for such
offline analysis:
       - list of the binaries that are installed (and their locations);
       - the command line for launching the java process;
but lack equinox runtime pieces like:
       - the actual wiring and state of the istalled bundles ( e.g "ss"
and "b <id>" command output)
       - the list of service components registered in the service registry;
       - the effective set of parameter equinox framework uses;
       - etc.
So my proposal is to add these pieces to tycho logs. Are you interested
in a change of that kind?
Thank you,

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