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Re: [tycho-dev] gerrit @ eclipse

- server side setup should be done by eclipse 
  (we can fine-tune some things like automatic hudson voter which votes +1 for a patch set that actually compiles etc.)
  I will file a bug to enable gerrit for the tycho repository once it's generally available

- for the client side it behaves just like git (with some permission restrictions)
  - in the meantime EGit has added some nice gerrit support too (fetch patchset from gerrit, push configuration wizard...)

so IMHO it should not be hard to setup.


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Yes, agree, let's use gerrit. How hard is it to set it up?
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"Sievers, Jan" <jan.sievers@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>gerrit at eclipse is slowly ramping up, see [1]
>we have made good experiences using gerrit for our internal
>Once gerrit is generally available for eclipse projects, I would like
>to use it for tycho.
>What do you think?
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