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Re: [tycho-dev] Fragments in tests

Good question. This is fed into p2 resolver as p2 version range, but I
don't remember for sure before or after .qualifier expansion. For
1.2.3-SNAPSHOT, try using version [1.2.3,1.2.4).


On 11-08-24 2:50 PM, Schaefer, Doug wrote:
One thing I've run into, how do I specify the fourth digit of the version in the dependency. Using the -SNAPSHOT notation didn't seem to work.

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Fragments by definition are optional and are not added to the test runtime
unless Tycho has a reason to do so. Assuming you are using implicit target
platform definition (i.e. one or more<repository/>  elements with layout=p2
in pom.xml file), it is possible to force any bundle or installable unit to test
runtime using<dependencies/>  test mojo configuration parameter.

For example, this is a snippet from m2e-core-test pom.xml that tells Tycho to
add org.eclipse.jdt.launching.macosx bundle to test runtime when running
tests on macosx (see [1] for complete pom.xml).




On 11-08-24 10:00 AM, Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Hey gang,

When I'm running the CDT tests it appears that the fragment to the
cdt.core plug-in doesn't get added to the osgi.bundles of the
config.ini in the work folder. Is this something I'm doing wrong, or not



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