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Re: [tycho-dev] Update p2 (bug 352883)

There are two cases, iirc. The code that runs inside Maven jvm (target
platform resolver, mainly) will use org.eclipse.osgi bundle that is
defined in tycho pom.xml file. The code that runs in external jvm (p2
publisher and others), will use version of the bundle packaged in

To keep things simple, I would update everything to Juno M1. I can
deploy equinox and jdt to Maven central, if you want.


On 11-08-22 3:30 PM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Hi Igor,
I’ve just started working on
_, and I was
wondering if it makes any difference if we update only the p2 stuff or
everything from Equinox (incl. the version of org.eclipse.osgi).
Is my assumption correct, that the org.eclipse.osgi bundle is loaded by
the Maven class loader?

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