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Re: [tycho-dev] How does tycho resolve eclipse delta pack

The ProductPublishMojo obtains the delta pack from the org.eclipse.equinox.executable feature (see org.eclipse.tycho.plugins.p2.publisher.PublishProductMojo.getEquinoxExecutableFeature). This feature is added to the target platform of an eclipse-repository module if a product file is present in the eclipse-repository module (see org.eclipse.tycho.p2.impl.publisher.P2GeneratorImpl.getPublisherActions).

I hope this helps.


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> Subject: [tycho-dev] How does tycho resolve eclipse delta pack
> Hi devs,
> While building the tycho from its source, I noticed that we have to
> give a eclipse installation location which has eclipse delta-pack
> already installed.
> But when using tycho plugins to build my products, I noticed that we
> dont have to give specific delta-pack location as such.
> while running the eclipse.p2 product publisher [1] we have to give the
> eclipse executable feature which is found in delta-pack. How does
> tycho resolves this executable feature at runtime.
> A pointer is much appreciated.
> [1]
> thanks in advance,
> --Pradeep
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