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Re: [tycho-dev] running tycho ITs locally

Sorry, this was my fault - it should work with 1a7a9bc. The parameter tycho.testSettings is optional - when unset, tycho-its/settings.xml is used (as before).

I had introduced a command line parameter for selecting a different settings.xml for the integration test builds (which I use for my local CI build), and I handled the case when the property was unset incorrectly.

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> Subject: [tycho-dev] running tycho ITs locally
> I am trying to run Tycho ITs locally and all or almost all ITs fail with
> FileNotFoundException: The specified user settings file does not exist:
> /var/tmp/sonatype-tycho/tycho-its/${tycho.testSetti
> ngs}
> Did I mess up something or I need to pass more parameters to the build
> in now?
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