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Re: [tycho-dev] removing "tycho" repository layout from 0.13

Maybe I was not clear enough. I am specifically talking about *remote*
maven2 repositories with tycho/p2 metadata deployed as p2content.xml and
p2artifacts.xml files. I plan to keep use of local maven repository as
is for now.

I pushed my changes to github so have a look. In brief, I had to
align lifespans of P2RepositoryCache and IProvisioningAgent instances to
make sure all IArtifactRepositories kept in cache still use live agent
instance. I did not find a pretty way to keep *remote* tycho
repositories in the cache.


On 11-06-16 1:52 PM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
I doubt that removing the tycho repository layout will help much. The
AbstractMavenArtifactRepository classes and derivatives widely share
their p2-related implementation, and except for the
MavenArtifactRepository, you won't be able to remove any of these

Also, I think that we will need the implementation of Tycho
repositoryies to support adding source bundles into the target
platform via POM dependencies. The current implementation has a hole
in that it allows to reference source bundles that come in via POM,
but it doesn't ensure that they are downloaded into the Maven
repository. To fix this, we would need to use the
MavenRepositoryReader also used by MavenArtifactRepository.

Why don't you share your current state on github to ease the

Regards Tobias

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[tycho-dev] removing "tycho" repository layout from 0.13

Forgot to mention. There are some changes in p2 3.7 with regards to
how IMetadataRepository and IArtifactRepository implementations
use IProvisioningAgent that make it impossible to keep existing
implementation as is. We will have to either remove Tycho
repository layout or spend time adjusting it to work with new p2.

-- Regards, Igor

On 11-06-16 10:22 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
I would like to remove "tycho" repository layout (i.e. tycho/p2
metadata overlayed on maven2). It is not usable in its current
implementation and has been deprecated and turned off by default
since Tycho 0.8. What do you think?

-- Regards, Igor

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