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[tycho-dev] tycho-p2-repository-plugin includes too many dependencies

Hello all !
Recently, bug 551 got solved , it made possible to
"Include all transitive dependencies into the generated repository."
My problem here is the contrary, by default, tycho-p2-repository-plugin
includes too many dependencies (when there is a .product defined)
I mean, if I have a .product in my eclipse-repository maven project,
tycho will read it and get all of its features and put them in the
target/repository, along with the features I just built.
So at the end I'll get a repo with my features + the features needed by
my product; but I wanted a repo with only my features !
The only way I found to publish a repo with my only my features, was to
remove my .product from my eclipse-repository maven project ...

Should I create a new bug ?
Is there another way to perform this (light p2 repo), and still having
my products built ?
Thank you !

Anthony Dahanne
Software Developer
Compuware Montreal
75 Rue Queen, Suite 6500
Montreal, QC, Canada H3C 2N6

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