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Re: [tycho-dev] Is there progress on Tycho, Fragments, Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI

try a jars.extra.classpath entry in of my.application

, see e.g.

, sth like 


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Subject: [tycho-dev] Is there progress on Tycho, Fragments, Eclipse-ExtensibleAPI


I've been searching the web for a problem which is already know but I'm
uncertain about the status and if someone works towards fixing it.

My problem is in fact the same already discussed in various threads in
the archive but i haven't seen a solution in any of them so I'm writing
here once more.

My setup is the following:
* my.bundle == Host

* my.bundle.rcp == Fragment
  my.bundle.ConcreteFactoryClass extends AbstractFactoryClass

* my.application
  => Creates an instance of ConcreteFactoryClass

Now when running tycho compilation of my.application fails because
ConcreteFactoryClass because it is not on the class path which i
completely understand because tycho could not know about it because
there's nothing in the MANIFEST telling tycho about my.bundle.rcp.

The setup is so complex because I'm singlesourcing for RAP/RCP while I
know I could make my.bundle.rcp a real OSGi-Bundle and use optional
requires this would mean for to update around 200 bundles which I'd
really like to avoid.

The other option as far as I've understood is to break the build it
multiple steps and create p2 repos in between and pass along the
p2-repos as the target-platform to the next build step which would make
my build where I have around 20 fragments a nightmare.

My favorite option and IIRC it was mentionned in one of the mailinglist
threads is to help tycho by adding this information into the pom.xml but
I'm not sure any progress has been made on this.

So can somebody give me an update on it and if possible a timeline until
when you'd expect such a feature show up in the git-repo (I have no
problem running the build for some time on not yet release


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