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Re: [tycho-dev] almost done with 0.12.0...

Good work! I like the new names.

Just one thing: I would like to have master branch off after the "version 0.12.0" commit (a74b171), so that we can merge the changes from the tycho-0.12.x into master instead of having to rebase them. I've prepared this in the master branch on my github fork:

Unless there are major concerns about this, I'll force update the Tycho master branch with my master branch.


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> Sent: 21 April 2011 06:08
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> Subject: [tycho-dev] almost done with 0.12.0...
> I pushed my changes to artifact ids and package names [1]. One last
> change left before I branch 0.12.x and stage 0.12.0 is replacing few
> remaining org.sonatype.tycho dependencies (equinox, jdt and test
> runtimes). I think I have all changes locally, just need to test them
> before committing and pushing this to github. Hope to finish all this
> tomorrow night or at least over the (long) weekend.
> [1]
> tycho/commit/479ee637f6bc8982e4e50ecfe25b0bbb39594fb8
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> Igor
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