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[tycho-dev] please test staged tycho 0.12.0

Tycho 0.12.0 will be the first release that uses org.eclipse.tycho
namespace for artifact and package names but should be functionally
identical to just released tycho 0.11.1 otherwise.

To use this new version you need to

1. Add the following pluginRepository to parent pom.xml or setting.xml

2. Change version of all tycho plugins used by your project to 0.12.0

3. Change groupId of all tycho plugins used by your project from
``org.sonatype.tycho'' to ``org.eclipse.tycho'' (without quotes)

4. If any of the following tycho plugins used by your project, change
their artifactId

maven-osgi-compiler-plugin    =>   tycho-compiler-plugin
maven-osgi-packaging-plugin   =>   tycho-packaging-plugin
maven-osgi-source-plugin      =>   tycho-source-plugin
maven-osgi-test-plugin        =>   tycho-surefire-plugin
maven-tycho-plugin            =>   tycho-pomgenerator-plugin

Tycho Team

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