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Re: [tycho-dev] first org.eclipse.tycho commit

the package rename is done [1].
All ITs are passing.

@Igor can you reactivate tycho CI build jobs [2] ?

Up next is adding the file headers.



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Correction. All integration tests pass too. I do not plan to make any
changes to Tycho until you are done with package name changes.


On 11-04-07 01:39 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
> Jan, Tobias,
> As discussed, I've updated all tycho projects to use org.eclipse.tycho
> namespace in their groupId and artifact id and pushed my changes to
> github [1].
> Everything compiles and all unit tests pass, but there are still three
> or four failing integration tests. I'll look at them tomorrow. I also
> need to deal with few prebuilt dependencies using old org.sonatype.tycho
> groupId (org.eclipse.jdt.core, org.eclipse.osgi and few of others used
> by the tests).
> At this point I do not expect any major changes from "my" work, so you
> can start updating package names.
> [1]
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> Regards,
> Igor
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