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[tracecompass-dev] Question about visualizing thread-related events in TC incubator


I'm currently developing a module to import and visualize trace data of a new format. 

The importing is successful, and I would like to know if it's possible to create thread-related events in the control flow view.

The question is this: the MyTrace class implements the IKernalTrace interface, and I make my layout extend the DefaultEventLayout.

The events types are now parsed as "sched_switch" and "sched_wakeup", while we want there to have events like "wait" "notify" "lock/unlock" etc. 

It would be good if there could add a circle or square element as the picture draws, to denote the events such as lock/unlock, is it possible?

We are currently using the control flow view for this, can our expectation be achieved by developing upon this model? 

but perhaps someone already created a specific view that is better suited?​ 

Looking forward to your reply and Best regards,

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