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[tracecompass-dev] Question about TraceCompass incubator features


I'm developing a custom json parser in the TC incubator, and I have a question about it.

1. The build including my custom module is successful, but the feature doesn't show up in the "select trace type" when I right click on a trace, while running the incubator executable. What I want is to make my parser an option in the trace type selection, as other formats like Trace Event Format or OpenTracing.

Here's what I did:

My new feature is initialized with the command "skeleton/create_new_feature --dir tracetypes --copyright "" "myTraceType"

(I check the results of this command, the new modules are created and added to the pom.xml file)

I extended the JsonTrace and TmfEvent classes (as well as the traceEvent, traceField, etc) , the current implementations compiled successfully without error.

I add a "plugin.xml" under the mytrace.core module, specifying the id, name category, trace_type of my trace parser. I use the same template as I checked in other trace type modules. 

What should I do or undo to make a new option in the "select trace type" menu?

Thank you very much



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