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[tracecompass-dev] Questions about Trace Server Protocol in VS Code

Hi All,


I’m working on some debugging extensions in Visual Studio Code for Renesas Electronics, as part of a University project and want to include some Trace Analysis support. Using Segger GDB Server query packets I can request and retrieve Trace data. I’ve attached a system overview design of how I see the trace data being fetched and processed.


I’ve been looking at the Trace Server Protocol and tsp-typescript-client, but I’m unsure how to use these extensions. My understanding is the tsp-typescript-client project is a barebones implementation of a Trace Server, following the Trace Server Protocol. Initially I want to figure how to input the Trace data I receive within GDB into the trace server (tsp-typescript-client). My understanding is that tsp-typescript-client can be configured to point to a Base URL (host:port), in my case JLink GDBServer? However, I’m fairly new to developing in Visual Studio Code and so I’m unsure about how I can test or use the tsp-typescript-client? Do I build the project, create a launch file and debug it? Also, how do I extend it to create my own implementation, if I need to make any changes? Finally, I’ve been using as my only source of reference so far, are there any other resources that may be of use to me?


I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me.


Many Thanks,

Josh Parsons


Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH, Geschaeftsfuehrer/President: Carsten Jauch, Sitz der Gesellschaft/Registered office: Duesseldorf, Arcadiastrasse 10, 40472 Duesseldorf, Germany, Handelsregister/Commercial Register: Duesseldorf, HRB 3708 USt-IDNr./Tax identification no.: DE 119353406 WEEE-Reg.-Nr./WEEE reg. no.: DE 14978647

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Description: System Overview.png

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