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[tracecompass-dev] Trace Compass 5.3.0/2020-03 RC1 posted

I’ve posted the Trace Compass 5.3.0/2020-03 RC1 build:
It is based on commit: 4dffe969d3a264e6540e9eb61875de6d021b54ee
The corresponding RCP can be downloaded from:
I've also created the release branch stable-5.3.
Trace Compass 5.3.0/2020-03 RC2 will be March 11, 2020 and 
will be the final build for this release.
  - RC1 is API and feature freeze for this release.
  - For any fixes that need to go into the 5.3.0/2020-03release, please provide a
    bug report, submit a patch on master first and then cherry-pick it
    on stable-5.3 branch after it's merged to master.




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